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Dear Parents and Guardians,
It’s time once again for our Read-a-Thon, one of our most popular programs! Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all loved the fact that their children are eager to read and that the PTA receives 100% of the donations (we are not working with a fundraising company). We hope we will have your support again this year! Last year our students read over 119,000 minutes!
Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’ve sent home fill-in letters for your student to send to out of town relatives (look inside the spon-sorship envelope). If you need envelopes, there will be some available in the office work room for your student to pick-up. Please help your student fill out the envelopes and letters. If you would like to donate stamps, feel free to do so and send your envelopes off in the mail this week. If you need us to stamp them, please return them to the school and we will mail them out. If you need more letters, students can pick them up in the office copy room.
  • Any and all reading done outside of school hours should be recorded. This includes reading for pleasure, for homework, or any other reason! You may also count the minutes you spend reading aloud to your child. If you forget to send in your log one week, don’t worry about it. You can send it in late and it will be counted. Reading done at school will not be included in the read-a-thon.
  • We will send home reading logs each week. They are due every Thursday. Please help your student accurately add up their minutes. Please do not use hours, fractions or decimals. Also, please remember to transfer each week’s minutes onto your sponsorship envelope so they can collect their pledges at the end of the read-a-thon.
  •  Sponsors may pledge to give per minute read or they may give a flat rate—it is up to them! They can pay via cash, check (made out to SKR-PTA) or paypal (
  • This year we have weekly school goals. If the children read 30,000 minutes the first week they will get a Pajama Day! If they read 60,000 minutes by the end of the second week they will get an inside out day. If they read 100,000 minutes by the end of the three weeks Mrs. Burgess and Ms. Velasquez will play egg roulette at a town hall meeting!


Prize Information

  • The top 30 readers in each grade level will get a certificate for a Pizza Hut Pizza.
  • All K-2 participants who read 300 minutes and all 3-5 students who read 500 minutes will be entered into a raffle drawing. Prizes include fun items donated by local sponsors. In the past prizes have included birthday parties, play tickets, gift certificates to Adventure Park USA and much more!
  • We will have two winning classes, one in K-2 and one in 3-5. The two winning classes will enjoy a treat while Mrs. Burgess or Ms. Valesquez read them a story.
  • The five students in each grade level with the most minutes will attend a Winner’s Breakfast with Mrs. Burgess and get a new book.
  • The student in grade K-2 and the student in grade 3-5 with the most minutes will win a $25 gift card to our spring book fair.
  • Be sure to keep track of your minutes and turn in your reading logs so we can reach 100,000 minutes!