Volunteers at Sally K. Ride Elementary School are a great asset to the school, staff, and students. Last year volunteers logged in over 4,500 hours and helped in many ways.

Classroom teachers are always appreciative of parents who can volunteer to grade the math facts weekly tests, photocopy, prepare activities by tracing and cutting, and help students in the classroom. Contact your student’s teacher to see how you can help.

PTA events need leaders to plan and volunteers to help them run smoothly, especially the larger events such as the yearly favorite Cultural Showcase. For these functions to continue, we need input and help from our families.

Click here to sign up for the Volunteer Mailing List. Contact Ilene K., the volunteer coordinator at ilene@skr-pta.com for further information. We would love to see our volunteer hours exceed 5,000 this year.

Parent, student and community volunteer involvement is essential to improved academic success for students. Help SKR be the best school it can be by volunteering.

Resources for Volunteers:

Communications Time Line for Events

PTA Volunteer Training Slide Show

PTA Communications Google Drive (upload your flyers and text documents here, find our logo, donation receipt, and other files here)